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Tudor Music is a comprehensive dance site for dancers, by dancers. We provide you with all the information, advice, stock lists and stories about dance that you need.

About us

Tudor Music is run by a group of talented and creative individuals with a mutual passion for all things dance. We are a combination of students, teachers, physio's, technicians, directors and choreographers. Not only that but we have close relationships with fantastic people in the legal industry, media industry and medical industry too, to ensure that we are giving you accurate, needed and perfect information.


Stock lists

Part of the beauty and magic of dance is the overall performance. Although a solo dancer, wearing an all black leotard in front of a blank canvas can be one of the most moving pieces of art that you have ever seen, there is still ever importance and passion for the extras. Whether it is sparkly and flamboyant costumes or tap shoes and bowler hats we have the right contacts for the stock that you need. The stock that we can connect you with is all the best prices, the highest of quality, and brought to you by the friendliest suppliers and storeowners. We cater to those who are looking to purchase ready made costumes in bulk, order personalised colours and sizes in already made costumes, or buy the materials to make them yourself. 



We have many inspirational stories of dancers who have made it to the bright lights, amazing charity events, and heartwarming individual stories. At Tudor Music we believe strongly that ANYONE and EVERYONE can enjoy dance. Whether it be performing, directing, choreographing or watching. That is why we appreciate and honor every story that we receive from individuals and groups of people who have reach their dance related goals. If you have a story about yourself or someone else that you find inspiring or interesting than please feel free to contact us and send it in so that we can share it with the world!



We have lists of all of the dance related performances that are currently showing or upcoming in the future. Not only this but we provide detailed descriptions about them, venue details, times and dates as well as links to ticket venders of the best prices. Of course, we wouldn’t forget those special people that make the magic happen. We provide lists of dancers, choreographers, directors, costume designers and makers, make-up artists and hair stylists. 



We have a wealth of advice from experienced individuals on how to get involved and make your mark in the dance world. 


Your rights

Many individuals have been messed around by individuals because they think that certain people can determine whether they make it or not, and this makes them more likely to work for less pay than they should, for longer hours and under poor conditions. There are set rights for dancers and other workers in the dance industry, which are highlighted on our website so that you know your rights!


Hear from some of our dancing queens

I always use Tudor Music when I need advice on dance. I used to dance for a number of different companies, and on many of them I got stung by broken contracts and clauses. Tudor Music lets me know my rights and entitlements to keep me safe and happy throughout my dancing career!
Abigail Lindley


I love to watch dance performances, and am always looking for the latest shows and festivals that are in my area. Tudor Music is a great source for all things dance. I recommend them to everyone!
Phillipa Marley